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Blended Japanese Whisky

  • Blended Japanese Whisky「San-in」

    Blended Japanese Whisky「The San-in」

    Barrel ageing has infused Sanin with a faint vanilla aroma and fruity notes of pair on the finish.
    The fresh, underground water of Mount Daisen delivers a smooth, mellow taste in this light and refreshing whisky.

    Product Details

    Size: 700ml/750ml(USA) ABV: 40% Barrel: White Oak

  • Blended Japanese Whisky「San-in」

    Blended Whisky「The San-in Ex-Bourbon Barrel」

    By ageing this in a bourbon barrel, the fresh, fruity and almost pear like whisky has a richer aroma rather than sweetness. The fresh spring water from Mount Daisen accentuates the aroma and can be enjoyed in any drinking style.

    Product Details

    Size: 700ml/750ml(USA) ABV: 43% Barrel: White Oak


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