Kokki Sake Brewery's ideas and thoughts

Individuality above commitment

As the world becomes increasingly IT-enabled and the business environment changes rapidly, sake brewing, which is considered a traditional industry, is also facing a major turning point.
Over the years, the Kokki Brewery has constantly evolved and aspired to produce the best sake.
However, it is also true that in response to changing needs and the changing social environment, some parts of ‘tradition’ have been too fixed in their conception.

國暉酒造 外観

The Kokki Sake Brewery will change.
While valuing the ‘time-honoured’ taste of tradition, and the layering of eras, the company responds to rapid changes in the social environment and uses data and digital technology to constantly pursue better tasting flavours based on the needs of customers and society.

國暉酒造 看板

In addition to transforming its brewing, products and services and business model, the company will also transform its operations themselves, organisation, processes, corporate culture and climate, so that this small Shimane sake brewery can become internationally competitive and contribute to the prosperity of our country.