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Corporate Philosophy

Beliefs and ideologies of Kokki Shuzo.


Commitment to individuality

In recent years, most of the yeast used by Kokki Shuzo has been “Shimane K1 yeast”.
From 1985 to 1989, this yeast won many gold medals at the Annual Japan Sake Awards in
Shimane Prefecture and was known as is the yeast that popularized "Aji ginjo“ (umami rich sake).

However, the yeast cultivated in this way works only 60% of the time, even with the ordinary rapid brewing method. Research shows that 40% of the time “Kuratsuki” works.
“Kuratsuki”is the result of many years of brewing, where the cultures used in the brewery along the years live in the brewery and work with the new cultures introduced in the new brew.
Based on this brewing philosophy, Kokki Shuzo "Shubo room" (cooled room for making yeast starter) and "Shikomigura" (room where yeast and mash are made) are uniquely designed to benefit from the microorganisms in the brewery, and this contributes to Kokki Shuzo’s unique character.

Sakaya Manryu—every brewery has their own way of brewing. Kokki has to build a sake brewing style that suits the environment of the Kokki.
Shoichi Morii, the Toji 2 generations prior, brewed sake for 50 years, and Nobuyuki Shimizu, the former Toji, has been brewing sake for 51 years.
Currently, President Hiroki Iwahashi is the Toji of the brewery and has inherited these skills.


  • Name Kokki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

    8 Higashichamachi, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan 690-0844

  • Representative Hiroki Iwahashi
    Date of Incorporation 1874
    Paid-in Capital ¥9,000,000
    Business Manufacturing Japanese Sake


We will use your comments and questions
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We will use your comments and questions
to improve our quality and service.