Meduki Shrine

【Meduki Shrine】
The enshrined deity is Shitateruhime, the third daughter of Okuninushi no Mikoto.
According to the Kojiki Nihonshoki, the god (Wakahiko) sent from Takamanohara to negotiate a handover of the country has not returned after eight years.
When I asked what was going on, it seems that Wakahiko, who fell in love with Shitateruhime at first sight, abandoned the duty of negotiating and became Shitateruhime’s son-in-law and lived happily ever after.

In addition, according to the Izumo mythology, there is an anecdote that the “eight million gods” who gathered from all over the country were stopped by the beauty of Shitateruhime and could not easily return to Kuni.

By the way, Shitateruhime and Wakahiko are positioned as supporting characters in the mythology of the Kojiki and Nihonshoki.
A shrine dedicated to the Kamo clan (Kamo/Kamo), who had great influence in the Yamato regime.
Kamigamo Shrine and Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto are famous, but Takagamo Shrine in Nara is said to be the head shrine of both.
The enshrined deities are Adashikitakahikone no Mikoto (son of Okuninushi no Mikoto), Kotoshiro nushi no Mikoto (son of Okuninushi no Mikoto), Shitateruhime no Mikoto (Okuninushi’s third daughter), and Wakahiko no Mikoto.
The Kamo clan is said to be part of the Izumo dynasty clan, but it is a mystery that this couple and the family are so clearly enshrined at the head office.

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