Kokki -BEIGE- Wins Gold Award at The Fine Sake Awards Japan!

Kokki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (located in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture; President: Hiroki Iwahashi) has won the Gold Award in the main category of Japan’s largest sake competition, the ‘ The Fine Sake Awards Japan ‘

Under the concept of gracefully crossing the ‘border’ that Japanese sake must overcome to spread to the world, we also aim to produce sake that can be enjoyed worldwide.

◆About ‘The Fine Sake Awards Japan’
‘The Fine Sake Awards Japan ‘ is not simply held to judge the quality of sake. It is an initiative aimed at unearthing the demand for sake, praying for the inheritance and development of sake culture. Recognizing the power of wine glasses, experts who support the purpose of widely conveying the newly discovered charms of sake through blind evaluation have participated in this contest.

The contest believes in a new proposal of gracefully crossing three borders that must be overcome for the spread of sake: the ‘age barrier’ that requires enlightenment to younger generations, the ‘business format barrier’ that necessitates spreading the compatibility of sake beyond Japanese cuisine, and the literal ‘border’ that must be crossed to spread sake to the world.
This attempt is made with the belief that it will be a new proposal to gracefully overcome these barriers.

In its 14th year since its inception in 2011, this award received 1,038 entries from 260 companies nationwide, making it the largest contest in Japan.”

◆About Item!

Spicy-sweet/sweet flavor
Rice polishing ratio/50%
Raw materials/Rice (domestic), Rice malt (domestic)

◆Comment from the Master Brewer (Toji) Regarding the Award-winning product

We are pleased to announce that our Nishijin-ori Obi Series “Kokki BEIGE” has won the Gold Award in the main category of The Fine Sake Awards Japan.

The “BEIGE” we have won this time is a new concept of sweet sake that Kokki Sake Brewery, known for its dry sake, has ventured into. It was the product that posed the greatest challenge during development.

In order for you to enjoy the product with all five senses, we even carefully selected the bottle, considering aspects such as the sound it makes when pouring. In terms of taste, it has a short finish, low alcohol content, making it easy to take another sip and pair well with meals. It is an exquisite creation developed with the concept of being suitable for drinking with food.

Its fruity and refreshing aroma, balanced with a pleasant acidity and the natural umami of pure rice, is its hallmark. With no lingering sweetness but a crisp finish, it pairs well with various dishes for your enjoyment.

We believe that drinking it in a wine glass will allow you to fully appreciate its flavors. Please do try it at least once.

We aim to continue our research and development, constantly evolving. From Matsue, from Shimane, to all over Japan, and to the world. We hope not only to spread our products but also to share the history and culture, so that people around the world will come to know Matsue City.

◆About Kokki Sake Brewery
At Kokki Sake Brewery, we employ the techniques passed down by the Izumo toji (master brewers) tradition, and we are committed to thorough handcrafting.

We use plenty of locally sourced “sake brewing suitable rice” from Shimane Prefecture, our hometown, and meticulously adjust the washing time of the rice down to the second, taking into consideration the optimal koji (malted rice) preparation, steaming, and drying processes.

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