The Kokki series won the silver award at the world’s three largest liquor competition “IWSC 2023” held in England!

Kookki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (located in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, CEO: Hiroki Iwahashi)’s “Kokki -BLACK-” and “Kokki -PURPLE-” won silver medals for both “BLACK” and “PURPLE” from among the sake exhibited from all over the world at the “International Wine and Spirit Competition 2023 (hereinafter referred to as IWSC)”, one of the world’s three major liquor competitions held in the United Kingdom, following Kura Master. became.

The “Kokki Series” uses “Kyoto Nishijin Textile”, which Japan boasts to the world, not only for its taste and quality, but also for its label, which has the image of an elegant kimono belt.
We want you to feel the tone when you pour it.
All of our employees will continue to push forward so that we can deliver products that are loved by people all over the world.

1.About IWSC
2.Award-winning products
3.About Kokuki Sake Brewery

1.About IWSC
The IWSC is a prestigious international wine and spirits competition that has been held in England since 1969, and is considered one of the world’s three major liquor competitions.
Established for the purpose of improving the quality of alcoholic beverages and contributing to market expansion, it is chaired by celebrities such as Robert Mondavi.
Sake, wine, spirits, whiskey, etc. from around the world will be judged strictly by judges selected from all over the world, and gold, silver, and bronze awards will be selected from each category.
The number of entries for sake is increasing year by year, and it can be seen that sake is attracting a lot of attention internationally.

2.Award-winning products

■Kokki -BLACK-
Frequency: 14 degrees
Rice polishing ratio: 50%
Item: Sake (Daiginjo sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice), brewed alcohol

*This product is a limited item at a special contract store. Please contact our sales representative for details.

■kokki – PURPLE –
Frequency: 14 degrees
Rice polishing ratio: 50%
Item: Sake (junmai daiginjo sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic) Rice koji (domestic rice)

*This product is a limited item at a special contract store. Please contact our sales representative for details.

■Comments from brewers (master brewers) about award-winning products
This time, the Kokki obi label series “Kokki-BLACK-” and “Kokki-PURPLE-” won the silver medal at IWSC 2023.
It is a great pleasure to have developed this product while struggling with the corona crisis.

The labels of the “Obi Label Series” have been created through repeated discussions with the weaver, using textiles that are associated with the kimono obi, the clothing of Shinto priests that symbolizes Matsue.
As for the taste, it has a short aftertaste and a low alcohol content.

The award-winning “BLACK” is a daiginjo that has been challenged to develop a new product based on the concept of drinking with meals. Pleasant ginjo aroma and clear sweetness and sourness. It has a refreshing throat, a short aftertaste, and the aroma and taste disappear quickly. The next bite and chopsticks are easy to follow, making it a gem that you can enjoy pairing with various dishes. Enjoy it with a special meal with your loved ones.

“PURPLE” is a gem with a clear, fruity ginjo aroma, a refreshing sweetness, and a well-balanced sourness that you can enjoy with an elegant throat.
Enjoy the finest quality.

We would like to continue to listen to everyone’s opinions and continue to evolve through further research and development.
From Matsue, from San’in Shimane to the whole country, to the world.
We hope that not only our products, but also information about its history and culture will be disseminated, and that people around the world will come to know about Matsue.

3.About Kokuki Sake Brewery
At Kokki Sake Brewery, we make full use of Izumo Toji’s traditional techniques and are particular about handcrafting.
We use a lot of local Shimane Prefecture-produced rice suitable for sake brewing, and we adjust the rice washing time in seconds while considering the optimum koji, steaming, and drying.

The sake storehouse facing Lake Shinji was transferred from the Matsudaira family’s earthen storehouse, the feudal lord of the Matsue Domain, and remodeled. The lineage of sake that has continued to be brewed under the large beams for hundreds of years has become the taste of today’s Kokki.


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