Junmai Daiginjo Sake Kokki -BEIGE-


Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, where Kokki Sake Brewery is located, is a unique city that fuses ancient mythology, castle town culture, and modern culture.
The labels of the “Obi Label Series” have been created through repeated discussions with the weaver, using textiles that are associated with the obi of the kimono, the clothing of Shinto priests that symbolizes Matsue.
The color of the label is also based on the fact that in ancient Japan, the rank was divided by color.
In order to allow customers to enjoy the product with all five senses, we also consider the tone of the bottle when it is poured and select the bottle.
As for the taste, it has a short aftertaste and a low alcohol content.

In particular, “Beige” is a new concept of sweet that was challenged by Kokki Sake Brewery, a dry maker.
It was the most difficult product to develop, and this time, it won the highest “Platinum Award” in the 2023 Junmai Daiginjo category at the sake competition “Kura Master 2023” held in France.

It features a fruity and refreshing aroma, a pleasant acidity, and a balance of sweetness created by pure rice.

We would like to continue to listen to everyone’s opinions and continue to evolve through further research and development.
From Matsue, from San’in Shimane to the whole country, to the world.
We will strive to spread information about not only our products, but also its history and culture, so that people around the world can learn about Matsue.

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