The origins of sake and the ‘Yashiori no sake’

☆The origins of sake and the ‘Yashiori no sake’☆

In Japan, traces of sake brewing using fruits and nuts can be found in ruins from the Jomon period.
Descriptions of sake made from grains are found in the ‘Osumi no Kuni Fudoki’ and ‘Harima no Kuni Fudoki’.
“Kuchikaminoshu” in “Osumi no Kuni Fudoki” is a sake made by chewing starch-containing plants such as grains and potatoes in the mouth and spitting it out into a jar.
The amylolytic enzyme in saliva breaks down starch into sugar to make sake.
In addition, in the “Harimanokuni Fudoki”, there is a description of sake brewing using mold that grew on military provisions.
Also, in the Izumo myth of the Kojiki compiled in the Nara period, ‘Yashioori no Sake’ appears as the sake that made Yamata no Orochi drunk.
At Kokki Sake Brewery, we are recreating this mythical sake, “Yashiori no Sake,” with our own approach, and will soon release a new product in the Yashiori series.

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